Website maintenance package

Firstly, thanks for choosing Sea Design to create and develop your website. I trust you love the service you have received. Now…

Have you updated recently??!

The beauty of the platform your website is set up on is that you CAN jump on anytime and add new content. However, I know too well that life is busy and perhaps it’s still a daunting concept? Your site benefits greatly from consistent updates – not only does new content help with search engine ratings but, like all software these days, the technology is always getting updated. You possibly have at least 3 program, theme and plugin updates that need to be performed!

I have the solution for you. I will now be offering a Maintenance Package. Be it once a week, fortnight, month or 3 months it’s up to you. Though I do recommend a monthly clean up of your site. I will perform all the updates required,add a new blog post you’ve written, upload a new image, testimonial, product, service or recipe so you can get on with everything else!

See the table for full package details or for further information or to customize your maintenance please get in touch!

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