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Bree Evans

 Creator 🎨 Surfer 🌊 Mother 🤰🏽 Yogi 🧘‍♀️ Traveller 🧳

Having grown up on  Phillip Island, a small coastal enclave on the South East coast of Australia, I have constantly been inspired and influenced by the ocean and all of its natural elements. As a result, a large part of my creative energy stems from the close relationship I have with my coastal upbringing and the inspiration that is drawn from my natural surroundings.

Phillip Island has always had a very creative vibe and many of my friends have evolved into great artists, sculpters, photographers and musicians. Constantly being surrounded by so many like minded people has allowed me to nurture and progress my creative talent.

Education and Qualifications

Upon completion of high school, I then went ‘walkabout’ exploring Australia and the world. I stopped in New Zealand where I spent two years completing my degree in Visual CommunicationsThis sabbatical took me on a unique and inspirational journey that has moulded, influenced and shaped my unique design styles I still utilise today.

Calling Margaret River home

Since 2009 I have called Margaret River, on the wild west coast of Australia home. What a great place to be! In 2012 the idea of Sea Design was spawned and has been growing organically and successfully ever since. I strive to provide a personalised service that fulfils expectations. I aim to create designs that are simple yet effective.  I wish to create designs that my clients not only like, they love!

So please, if you have a new business idea, need a re-vamp, or any other visual project, get in touch. Lets catch up for a cuppa and get the ball rolling.

Bree 🙂

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